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Access Diploma
in Ancient History and Archaeology

Course Content

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Modules include:

The Nature and Survival of Archaeological Evidence [3]

British Prehistory [3]

The Archaeology of Later Prehistoric Britain [3]

The Archaeology of Roman Britain [3]

Rome: The Age of Augustus [3]

Rome: The Collapse of the Republic [3]

Rome: The Early Empire [3]

The Archaeology of Early Medieval Britain [3]

Introduction to the Dark Ages [3]

Greece: The Classical Era (Fifth Century BCE) [3]

The Ancient Near East: Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilisation [3]

The Ancient Near East: Second Millennium (2000 to 1500 BCE) [3]

The Ancient Near East: Second Millennium (1500 to 1150 BCE) [3]

Regional Studies Project [6]

Course Code



University undergraduate degrees in:

  • Archaeology

  • Ancient History

  • History

  • Construction & Planning

The cost of the course is £3384 and is covered by the Advanced Learner Loan Scheme, for more details, click here


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“The feedback from Jenny on each assignment was extremely helpful and highlighted areas where I could improve in future assignments. The turnaround on each assignment was also very quick, which I really appreciated throughout. Overall this has been a positive experience for me, and I feel it has prepared me really well for going on to do a degree. I genuinely never expected to achieve the grades I have, so thank you for delivering a course that inspired me to work so hard!
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