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Access Diploma in Business

Course Content

Course Details

Modules include:

Sustainability in Business [3]

Business Ethics [3]

Managing Change [3]

Motivating Staff [3]

Leadership and Management [3]

Introduction to Marketing [3]

Business Accounts  [3]

Business Finance Planning [3]

Producing and Managing a Budget [3]

Development, Production & Distribution [3]

Applying Business Planning Skills [3]

Government and Business in the UK [3]

Economic Models and Concepts [3]

Business Law [3]

Elements of Costing [3]

Course Code



University undergraduate degrees in:

·       Business Development

·       Business Administration

·       Business Studies

·       Business and Law

The cost of the course is £3022

 and is covered by the Advanced Learner Loan Scheme, for more details, click here


How to apply for this course


“Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed completing my Access to HE course and looked forward to receiving each new unit. Likewise, feedback from Nell was super useful and encouraged further thinking and research where relevant (via the Google Docs notation). Likewise, Sam was amazing (and very patient!!!) when sorting out my UCAS application. She made sure it was sent off timely, completed to the best of my ability, and that I had chosen my courses and universities carefully (via guidance in the Applying to HE unit). Thank you both immensely!”
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