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Access Diploma in Health Professions
(Nursing and Midwifery)

Course Content

Course Details

Biological Molecules [3]

Organisation of the body [3]

Gender and Health Care Roles in Modern Britain [3]

Diet and Digestion [3]

Exchange and Transport of Gases [3]

Social Roles in the Caring Professions [3]

Human Reproduction [3]

Genetics [3]

Ethical Issues in Health [3]

Body Defences [3]

Coordination and Control [3]

Access to Health Care in Modern Britain [3]

Homeostasis [3]

The Musculoskeletal System  [3]

Health Promotion

Course Code



University undergraduate degrees in:

·       Nursing

·       Midwifery

·       Occupational Therapy

·       Physiotherapy

The cost of the course is £3384

and is covered by the Advanced Learner Loan Scheme, for more details, click here


How to apply for this course


“I have really enjoyed the course and Lauren’s support has been amazing.  I struggled at first but her guidance enabled me to get distinctions.  I feel that I am ready for university now, thank you! 
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