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Access Diploma in Legal Professions  

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Legal Professions [3]

Jury System [3]

Precedent, Statute and Statutory Interpretation [3]

Police Powers in England and Wales [3]

Law and Morality [3]

The Criminal Process [3]

Non-Fatal Offences against the person [3]

Homicide [3]

Property Offences [3]

Law of Tort [3]

Negligence [3]

Contract Law [3]

Vitiating Factors of a Contract [3]

Employment Law [3]

Sociological Explanations of Crime [3]

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University undergraduate degrees in:

·       Law

·       Legal Studies

·       Social Work

·       International Relations

The cost of the course is £3022

and is covered by the Advanced Learner Loan Scheme, for more details, click here


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The workbooks are great and gave that foundation knowledge to tackle the assignment.
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