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Math Formulas


Multiply Nottingham will upskill adults aged 19+ to improve their ability to understand and use maths in daily life, home, and work whether that be improving household finances, helping children with homework, making more sense of the facts in the media, or improving numeracy skills specific to a line of work.

Multiply will support learners to progress from Multiply courses delivered at entry level one, entry level two, entry level three through to AEB level 2 provision, creating a local complementary numeracy pathway Multiply will be segmented into three delivery strands, each addressing local market failure: 

I. Engagement & Numeracy Champions – The project will centralised engagement service ensuring participants are supported to access Multiply coherently. The project will also deploy Numeracy Champions working across communities and within the workplace (in a paid and voluntary capacity), promoting the benefits of the programme, increasing access to the project

II. Multiply in the Community - Bitesize workshops and short courses (accredited and non-accredited) enabling unemployed and inactive, individuals to improve numeracy skills.

III. Multiply at Work - Bitesize workshops and short courses (accredited and non accredited) enabling employed individuals to improve numeracy skills, unlocking access to higher level in work sector skills pathways (e.g. Apprenticeships). The programme will contextualise learning by embedding numeracy into everyday problem solving (e.g. financial capability, helping children with homework) in fun and interactive way, supporting individuals to improve numeracy skills essential to the workforce, enhancing career prospects.

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