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Access Diploma in Psychology

Course Content

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Sociological Theory [3]

Changing Beliefs in British Society [3]

Race in British Society [3]

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination [3]

Access to Health Care in Modern Britain [3]

Ethical Issues in Health [3]

Psychological Perspectives [3]

Early Social Development  [3]

Personality Theory [3]

Memory [3]

Concepts of Normality and Mental Health [3]

Non-Verbal Communication [3]

Social Influence and Independence [3]

The Nature Nurture Debate [3]

Biopsychology of Stress [3]

Course Code



University undergraduate degrees in:

·       Psychology

·       Psychotherapy

·       Counselling Studies

·       Social Science

The cost of the course is £3022

and is covered by the Advanced Learner Loan Scheme, for more details, click here


How to apply for this course


“One bit of advice to other learners would be to always keep in mind your end goal and why you decided to apply for the course. Sometimes it can be easy to let life get in the way and lose a bit of motivation so keeping your goal in mind just gives you that boost of determination to keep on going.
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