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Job Interview

Employability Workshop Community Learning for ESOL Learners

Course Overview

This is a course for ESOL learners wanting to gain the tools needed to apply for jobs and employments. Emphasis is enabling learners to develop a positive attitude to working, interviews and the content required within their C.V. We encourage practice of the likely questions to be asked at interview and how to discuss salary expectations. This will improve English and their basic maths through interesting and interactive modules/topics.

All of the learning will be through individual and team challenges that involve improving conversation, vocabulary and friendly rivalry.

Resources are given relevant to the work covered and notes are encouraged, as well as small  amounts of home work.

The topics are relevant to the current trends in applying for employment, types of interview, salary and wage expectations, positive body images, selling yourself at interview, completing application forms and designing covering letters. Learners understand about references and how to gain  potential references.

Skills are developed in talking about relevant experience, describing personality behaviours and understanding interview vocabulary.

Course Details


11 weeks – 5 hours per week delivered within various venues around Nottingham


English is assessed on registering for the course usually in the first week


Further courses in English are available with accredited testing.

Other support and training through inhouse courses, such as Pathways to Health and Social Care

How Will I Be Assessed?

Assessment will be through a workbook including various tasks, covering speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Funding Options

Course Dates
and Locations

This course is subsidised by the Government through its Adult Skills Budget.

Courses are started on a regular basis around the community. Learners should contact the Enable office to discuss or register for this course and ensure it is appropriate for their needs.

How to apply for this course

Or Contact:

Expert Teachers

All staff involved in the delivery of adult education courses within Enable are approved to teach the subjects and modules they deliver. The approval process ensures that staff delivering a given programme are appropriately qualified and, where appropriate, possess relevant technical and industrial experience and professional practice.

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