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We offer a wide range of different courses and training opportunities. They are delivered by our delivery partners who are all Enable members. Some of our courses are available nationwide where as others are delivered more locally.

Access to Higher Education

If you want to study for a university-level course but don’t have the necessary qualifications, then our Access to Higher Education (HE) courses could be a great choice for you!


Want to study and get paid at the same time? An apprenticeship could be the right route for you! Study for a nationally recognised qualification, whilst receiving on-the-job training and getting paid at the same time.

Adult Education Budget

Our AEB courses allow you to find the course right for you, without you worrying about the cost!

Group Lecture

Community Learning

This is the opportunity to do some learning within your community. This is where we take time to develop your skills and prepare you for getting back into work, as well as improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



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