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Access Diploma in Humanities and Social Science

Course Content

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Politics and Society  [3]

History of Social Policy [3]

Sociological Theory [3]

Social Stratification and Inequality [3]

Sociology of the Family in Modern Britain [3]

Liverpool and the Atlantic Slave Trade [3]

Race in British Society [3]

European Expansion and Disaster [3]

Hitler’s Rise to Power [3]

Hitler’s Persecution of the Jews [3]

The Russian Revolution of 1917 [3]

Standard and non-Standard English [3]

Persuasive Communication [3]

Appreciating a Play  [3]

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University undergraduate degrees in:

·       Humanities

·       Social Science

·       Modern History

·       International Relations

The cost of the course is £3022

and is covered by the Advanced Learner Loan Scheme, for more details, click here


How to apply for this course


“My tutor, Sam, was positive and knowledgeable from start to finish, whilst also trusting in my ability to complete the assignment or ask for help – an approach which really worked well for me! Not once did I feel lost or alone, despite working remotely in a pandemic! If you are a willing to put in the hard work, ask for help from these lovely people when you need it, and WANT to further your horizons I would 100% recommend this pathway.”
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